India SI House - India-EU Joint House for Science and Innovation
About the project
India SI House project undertakes an ambitious feasibility study for the establishment of an EU-India Joint House for Science and Innovation. It is exploring the political will to build up a sustainable ST&I cooperation, the legal framework and tools as well as the scientific will and priorities in both regions.

The feasibility study will provide input on more ambitious, integrated actions in order to adopt the best practices in leveraging the ST&I relationships between the regions. The input to the study is retrieved by the following activities:
  • Mapping political and scientific priorities
  • Benchmarking existing funding mechanisms
  • Identifying best practices
  • Organizing seminars and workshops
  • Developing guidelines and recommendations
The project activities will be implemented within
the following work packages:
WP 1 Management and coordination
Objective: Managing and coordinating the whole project in order to meet the contractual and expected results.
Leader: OST, France
WP 2 Exploring the political will to build up a
sustainable ST&I cooperation between EU-India
Objective: Examining the political and strategic priorities of EU Member States (MS) and Associated Countries (AC) and India on ST&I cooperation. In particular, this WP intends to provide a benchmarking at the political level and to explore partnerís views and commitment on multimember collaborative platform for ST&I cooperation with India.
Leader: MAEE, France
WP 3 Exploring the legal schemes and tools to make
feasible an EU-In House for ST&I
Objective: Contributing to build a coherent EU strategy on ST&I to explore possible mechanism for achieving greater integration of the EU-India collaboration. This WP will give recommendations of legal framework which could be acceptable to EU MS/AC partners as well as India government.
Leader: CEFIPRA, India
WP 4 Exploring the scientific will and to identifying
priorities for ST&I cooperation between EU and India
Objective: Organising the communication and exchange of ideas on multilateral cooperation between program owners and policy makers from the EU MS and AC and India. The final objective of this process is to target the EU-India SI House onto specific topics of common interests.
Leader: CCIRS, Poland
WP 5 Benchmarking and Guidelines for the EU-In STI House
Objective: Compiling the outcomes of WP2-4 in order to deliver a concept paper about how EU-India SI House could be organised based on the experience of existing bilateral and multilateral cooperation and their SWOT analysis.
Leader: VITO, Belgium
WP 6 Dissemination and link with other projects
Objective: Informing relevant stakeholders about the projects objectives and results.
Leader: APRE, Italy